September Update – We are excited to offer limited dine in options alongside our Take Away menu and coffee.  All orders and bookings please call 5779 1404.

Take Away – Our Take Away menu is available (see link below) and we also have a range of grocery items – think frozen ready to heat meals, delicious cheeses, Proddy Store tarts and sausage rolls, pantry basics, fresh bread and our wine cellar.

Give us a call if you’d like to order something – we can talk about delivery / pick ups if you’re not out and about.  If you’d like to order online then please jump onto the Skip app and order that way (coffees & food).



Produce Store Mansfield Take Away Menu

Skip at the Produce Store

Our freezer is full of meals for you to take home
– Chicken Korma
– Beef Goulash
– Beef Rogan Josh
– Suz Bolognese
– Tunisian Lamb
– Vegan Sweet Potato Chowder

700g  $19
350g $9.50

We also have Proddy Pies ($8 each) and our famous Sausage Rolls (2 pack $14). 
Boonderoo Farm pies ($7)
Dumplings – seafood ($15), mushroom ($12)
Soup 500g $10

Gron Haus range

Try something from our fabulous new gluten free range – Gron Haus – the only Mansfield stockist!  Find them in our GF freezer in the wine room.

Product Size  Price
GF Family Chicken Pie L  $ 27.00
GF Family Beef Burgandy Pie L  $ 27.00
GF Moroccan Sweet Potato Pastie (Pack of 2) L  $ 14.50
GF Cornish Pastie Meat (Pack of 2) L  $ 14.50
GF Traditional Sausage Roll (Pack of 2) S  $ 14.50
GF Family Tart – Tomato & Goat L  $ 27.00
GF Family Tart- Mushroom & Thyme L  $ 27.00
GF Family Tart -Ham & Parmesan L  $ 27.00
GF Chicken & Leek Pie 300G Single Serve  $ 8.70
GF Beef Burgundy Pie 300g Single Serve  $ 8.70
GF Tart – Carrot & Parsnip Single Serve  $ 8.00
GF/Vegan Spinach & Mushroom Single Serve  $ 8.00
GF Red wine Braised Duck with Veg & Lentils S  $ 27.00
GF Beef Stroganoff S  $ 23.00
GF North African Lamb Tagine S  $ 25.00
GF Vietnamese Beef S  $ 23.00
Orange & Miso Braised Pork S  $ 28.00
GF Pork & Veal Meatballs S  $ 23.00
GF Chicken & Pesto Meatballs S  $ 23.00
GF Moroccan Pastie Mini (Pack of 12)   tbc
GF Corn Empanada (Pack of 12)   tbc
Duck, Pork,Veal & Fennel Sausage Rolls (4×3) Bulk Packed  Not GF

price tbc

GF Lemon & Passionfruit Tart (Pack of 6) PKT  $ 14.50
GF Rhubarb Cheescake Tart (Pack of 6) PKT  $ 14.50
GF Chocolate Mudcake Tart (Pack of 6) PKT  $ 14.50


Open for breakfast / brunch / lunch / afternoon tea or simply a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.

8.30am – 5pm every day of the week
Catering available for morning tea, lunch, breakfast, weddings, special events – you name it – we can do it!