** Update Friday 18 November 2021 –   We’re back  

8.30am – 5pm – Open
3pm – 5pm – Kitchen is closed. Groceries, coffee & cake and ready to eat meals only

We are excited to offer limited dine in options alongside our Take Away menu and coffee.  We have tables indoors and outside under our marquee and along the footpath.  All orders and bookings please call 5779 1404.

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Take Away – Our Take Away menu is available (see link below) and we also have a range of grocery items – think frozen ready to heat meals, delicious cheeses, Proddy Store tarts and sausage rolls, pantry basics, fresh bread and our wine cellar.

Give us a call if you’d like to order something – we can talk about delivery / pick ups if you’re not out and about.  If you’d like to order online then please jump onto the Skip app and order that way (coffees & food).



Produce Store Mansfield Take Away Menu

Skip at the Produce Store

Our freezer is full of meals for you to take home
– Chicken Korma
– Beef Goulash
– Beef Rogan Josh
– Suz Bolognese
– Tunisian Lamb
– Vegan Sweet Potato Chowder

700g  $19
350g $9.50

We also have Proddy Pies ($8 each) and our famous Sausage Rolls (2 pack $14). 
Boonderoo Farm pies ($7)
Dumplings – seafood ($15), mushroom ($12)
Soup 500g $10

Gron Haus range

Try something from our fabulous new gluten free range – Gron Haus – the only Mansfield stockist!  Find them in our GF freezer in the wine room.

Product Size  Price
GF Family Chicken Pie L  $ 27.00
GF Family Beef Burgandy Pie L  $ 27.00
GF Moroccan Sweet Potato Pastie (Pack of 2) L  $ 14.50
GF Cornish Pastie Meat (Pack of 2) L  $ 14.50
GF Traditional Sausage Roll (Pack of 2) S  $ 14.50
GF Family Tart – Tomato & Goat L  $ 27.00
GF Family Tart- Mushroom & Thyme L  $ 27.00
GF Family Tart -Ham & Parmesan L  $ 27.00
GF Chicken & Leek Pie 300G Single Serve  $ 8.70
GF Beef Burgundy Pie 300g Single Serve  $ 8.70
GF Tart – Carrot & Parsnip Single Serve  $ 8.00
GF/Vegan Spinach & Mushroom Single Serve  $ 8.00
GF Red wine Braised Duck with Veg & Lentils S  $ 27.00
GF Beef Stroganoff S  $ 23.00
GF North African Lamb Tagine S  $ 25.00
GF Vietnamese Beef S  $ 23.00
Orange & Miso Braised Pork S  $ 28.00
GF Pork & Veal Meatballs S  $ 23.00
GF Chicken & Pesto Meatballs S  $ 23.00
GF Moroccan Pastie Mini (Pack of 12)   tbc
GF Corn Empanada (Pack of 12)   tbc
Duck, Pork,Veal & Fennel Sausage Rolls (4×3) Bulk Packed  Not GF

price tbc

GF Lemon & Passionfruit Tart (Pack of 6) PKT  $ 14.50
GF Rhubarb Cheescake Tart (Pack of 6) PKT  $ 14.50
GF Chocolate Mudcake Tart (Pack of 6) PKT  $ 14.50


Open for breakfast / brunch / lunch / afternoon tea or simply a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.

8.30am – 5pm every day of the week

Catering available for morning tea, lunch, breakfast, weddings, special events – you name it – we can do it!